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Published under Mariah's maiden name, Subscriptions is a poem about relationships.

Published by Wingless Dreamer Publisher in their Unveil Your Memories Anthology, Pounding is a poem about an awkward run in with a construction worker.


Published under Mariah's maiden name, Monday is a story about the days of the week. It won a third place prize in a fiction contest.

Published by Quail Bell Magazine, this is a retelling of Alice in Wonderland in a Lemony Snicket-esque narrator. The link will take you to Quail Bell Magazine's website.


Something she wrote for Mother's day 2022

Something she wrote for Father's day 2022

Published by Sad Girls Literary Blog, this is a story about her husband and his talent on the piano. The link will take you to Sad Girls Literary Blog.

Published by Literary Yard, this is a story about growing up with only sisters. The link will take you to Literary Yard.

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