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  • Mariah H. N. Hawkins

The Queen's Thief Series

A rock I'd willingly die on is the idea that one does not have to be explicit to get a point across, particularly when it comes to intimate scenes. Megan Whalen Turner in the Queen's Thief Series demonstrates the extreme of this. Many of the most important scenes in her novels don't happen on page and are just referred to later. As authors there is a discussion about how much to trust your readers, and Turner's technique makes it clear she trusts you entirely. She weaves an enticing story because we as readers get the feeling that she believes in our intelligence. She also cleverly shows us only what the narrating character cares to tell us about, making us pay less attention to certain bits of her foreshadowing, and creating real and earned plot twists. I'd have to recommend this series with everything in me, I personally have read it about ten times and find new things every time.

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